Engine Tuning

Engine Tuning

There is a lot of confusion out there about engine tuning for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is often known as the Harley Tax. The reason for this is because most Harleys that roll of the production line are drastically restricted to meet emission standards, that means your bike is probably choked with regard to performance and noise. Most new bike owners immediately start with the Stage 1 tune to make your bike sound and perform like the iconic Harley that everyone knows and loves. This usually results in spending another £1000 to £1500 just ti get things to sound right, hence the term “Harley Tax.”

You don’t have to use Screaming Eagle components but have a look at the video for an explanation of what goes on with engine stage tuning.


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Colin Wilson

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Great work

These guys replaced my handlebars on my breakout, it was a pain in the ass job that was too complicated for me but it didn’t phase them. All done and dusted within a couple of days and they were really helpful ensuring that the handlebar position was right for me. It has totally transformed my bike, these are the Go-To guys.

Response from Brit Chopper Customs

Thanks Colin, always good to get feedback and we are happy you were please with the service.

What we offer?

We can work with you to deliver exactly what you wants, not everyone wants lots of horsepower but instead prefer lower end torque increase or mid range torque if you are into long distance cruising. Come and talk to us or give us a call and we can chat about what you need

Stage 1 Tuning

Stage 1 Upgrade Explained

Stage 1 upgrade involves modifying a Harley-Davidson’s exhaust system, air filter and fuel metering system allowing an increase in power & torque. When the bike is fitted with an uprated air filter & exhaust the performance from the engine is greatly increased.

Stage 2 Tuning

Stage 2: this is typically an engine with a performance cam upgrade as well as the other components within a Stage 1 combination.

Stage 3 Tuning

Stage 3: Usually involves an increase in engine displacement i.e. a big bore kit to increase the engine size accompanied by head work and fueling upgrades such as bigger intake and bigger injectors.